Ana Marie Vidalon

Ana Maria Vidalon (b. 1957, Peru) joined the Creativity Explored studio in 1993. Vidalon is known for her graphically strong compositions of layers of tiny faces. Her process is one of compulsive repetition, and this working rhythm is evident in each completed piece. For many years Vidalon filled the entire picture plane with these forms, but over time their size has become variable, while she has become more discriminating with the use of negative space. In 2009, printmaking was introduced in the studio and Vidalon developed an entirely new iconography. Using sheet music as their basis, her prints convey an abstract typographical sense of musical notation, combined with bold design and color. This idea was expanded into unique artist’s books wherein Vidalon fills an existing musical score with her own complexly layered, non-representational markings. The books are then bound in a hand-printed cover of her own conception. Vidalon has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She was featured in New Zealand Outsider Art Fair, The Nathan Club, Britomart, Auckland, New Zealand in 2014, 4 Real 4 Faux Animating the Vernacular, Truman State University Art Gallery, Kirksville, MO in 2011, Text'o & Figura, Meridian Gallery, San Francisco, CA and Prints Byte: the cutting edge of printmaking, SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA in 2010.