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Episode 1: Gaye Chan

by Weston Teruya



Episode 3: Grace Rosario Perkins By Weston Teruya

Episode 3: Grace Rosario Perkins


“I want other people of color to have a space to create this sort of dialogue or network...that’s where the real stuff is going to actually happen.”

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Episode 2: Gisela Insuaste By Weston Teruya

Episode 2: Gisela Insuaste


“You can’t isolate the object from its history, from what’s happening around you in the world..."

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Episode 1: Gaye Chan By Weston Teruya

Episode 1: Gaye Chan


“I think that the Free Store allows us to see our irrational fear of the stranger.”

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Jerome Reyes By Vivian Sming

Jerome Reyes

Studio Sessions

Through these collaborations, Reyes creates layers of experience and intimacy between SoMa’s residents based on their personal understanding of time and place.

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Blank Map: Doing Whatever the Fuck We Want By Anna Martine Whitehead

Blank Map: Doing Whatever the Fuck We Want

Endurance Tests

Everything that I do is toward Black liberation. Giving Black people that freedom and space to be whatever we want—whether that be something that’s about Blackness or not—it’s all connected to our liberation.

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On Fire by Jonathan Griffin By Leila Easa

On Fire by Jonathan Griffin

Printed Matters

Griffin is fascinated by fire’s dual role in our collective imagination—as a mercurial force of destruction and loss and as a deeply felt, passionate form of inspiration.

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