Free Speech in the Art World
Current Issue

6.4 / Free Speech in the Art World

Edited by Dushko Petrovich

With essays and interviews exploring the full spectrum of speech acts—from talking to publishing, both online and offline—this issue of Art Practical takes up the question of free speech in the art world. 


Six times a year, Art Practical focuses its content around a particular theme, presenting eight to ten Features that explore in-depth the historical precedents and prevailing modes of production that shape the Bay Area art scene.

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Ranging from profiles of visiting artists to book reviews to opinion pieces, columns are organized around a central subject and offer new perspectives week-to-week.

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Every week, we bring you insightful commentary from our thirty-plus contributors about current exhibitions on view and performances happening around town. They include Shotgun Reviews, which are reviews submitted by our readers.

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Art Practical: exploring contemporary art and visual culture in the Bay Area.

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