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Curatorial Privilege by Anuradha Vikram

Curatorial Privilege


The current institutional vogue for Harald Szeemann seems to embrace his visionary aesthetic—but not his vision for championing an art that was evolving, groundbreaking, and new, at the expense of institutional priorities. 

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Round by Anne Lesley Selcer



"A sonic assertion this large requires a degree of submission or sublimation, reframing dissonance—which always feels like a kind of threat—as sublime." On Chris Duncan's 12 Symbols, Janet Cardiff's The Forty Part Motet, and Ragnar Kjartansson's The Visitors.

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The Schoolhouse and the Bus by Jing Cao, Leticia Cobra Lima

The Schoolhouse and the Bus


How can artists and curators relay collective and relational experiences so as to stay true to their original project, while also engaging the audience visually and discursively?

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Adrienne Elise Tarver by Jamee Crusan

Adrienne Elise Tarver

New Takes

Adrienne Tarver’s seductive jungle landscapes blur the lines between looking and voyeurism.

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Dan Bustillo & Gelare Khoshgozaran by Dan Bustillo, Gelare Khoshgozaran

Dan Bustillo & Gelare Khoshgozaran

Between You and Me

"I think I need to walk into the simulacrum of a so-called Middle Eastern town at a US military training center and see how at home I really feel."

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Episode 25: Vero Majano by Weston Teruya

Episode 25: Vero Majano


Vero Majano’s work explores the cultural history of San Francisco’s Mission District, creating spaces to assert and remember the queer and Latinx communities that shape one of the city’s most iconic but highly contested neighborhoods.

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How the Dirty New Media Movement Informed the First Virtual Art Galleries by Janna Avner

How the Dirty New Media Movement Informed the First Virtual Art Galleries

Locating Technology

Dirty New Media (DNM) is the inconformable art of disobeying software, and artists using DNM push against normative coding languages to see what will happen and to see how "dirty"—which for DNM implies both the terra firma as well as online pornography-raw or muddled their design can get.

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Bit Torrent: The Work of Cynthia Hooper by Gabrielle Gopinath

Bit Torrent: The Work of Cynthia Hooper


Cultivated Ecologies uses videos, maps, and graphics to chart the epically scaled works of 20th-century engineering that reconfigured California’s waterways, and upended the state’s ecological balance in the process. 

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Astrid Kaemmerling by Elia Rita

Astrid Kaemmerling

Studio Sessions

Walking artist Astrid Kaemmerling analyzes the manifold roles artists have played in gentrification processes beyond being its agent or victim.

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Episode 4: Black Hoooooles by Jay Katelansky, Elena Gross

Episode 4: Black Hoooooles

what are you looking at?

It’s Black History Month and what could be Blacker than black holes? 

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Episode 24: Trisha Lagaso Goldberg by Weston Teruya

Episode 24: Trisha Lagaso Goldberg


Trisha Lagaso Goldberg creates platforms to support artists in Hawaiʻi through exhibitions, programming, and her work as the Public Art Project Manager for the Hawaiʻi State Foundation on Culture & the Arts.

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