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Accordion Journal with Flag Books and Pockets Workshop Ginger Burrell,journal with flag and pockets,5x5,paper
Create this fun hard-cover hybrid book form that combines an accordion book, pockets and a flag book in one! Perfect for use as a travel journal, a special book to commemorate an event, or as a showcase for your photographs or artwork. Illustrated step-by-step instructions are included so you can make this book again with your own ideas.Student Supplied Materials: bone folder, scissors, ruler or quilt ruler, pencil, eraser, self-healing cutting mat at least 12” x 18”, X-acto knife and extra blades. Optional: brayer. Instructor Supplied Materials: All papers your book and covers, pre-cut Davey board covers, glue, glue brushes, waxed paper, tools to share, illustrated step-by-step instructions. Cost: $60 Members, $65 General Arrive early to enjoy the exhibts. NUMU is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization tax ID 94-1619601 "Art Books" "3-D Books" "Paper Art" "Craft"