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Andy Goldsworthy: Drawing Water Standing Still Andy Goldsworthy, Kelp thrown into a grey, overcast sky. Drakes Beach, California. 14 July 2013, 2013, unique archival inkjet print, 21 x 31.5 inches

Haines Gallery proudly presents Drawing Water Standing Still, a solo exhibition of recent videos and photographs by acclaimed British artist Andy Goldsworthy (b. 1956, lives and works in Dumfriesshire, Scotland). Drawing Water Standing Still is Goldsworthy’s first solo show at Haines Gallery in seven years. Working with natural materials such as dust, rock, ice, water, and kelp, Goldsworthy is well-known for creating ephemeral moments of striking formal beauty that often originate from and illuminate the inherent character of the local site. A key characteristic in many of the artist’s recent works is the use of these materials to “draw” within the landscape, making marks that change as the elements around them exert influence. The artist’s latest recent single- and multi-panel photographs often reflect transformations that have taken place over time, often relating directly to a career that spans continents and decades. Drawing Water Standing Still also features several new videos, all on view for the first time on the West Coast. While video works are an integral part of Goldworthy’s oeuvre, this is the first time that they comprise such a significant part an exhibition at the gallery, signaling a subtle transformation in the artist’s practice.