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body building Image (left to right): Hollow Point, salvage steel, marine grade plywood, silicone, vulcanized rubber, hardware, 8"x 9"x 5". Wholesome, salvage steel, welded steel, hardware, chemicals, 6"x 8"x 2". Dynamic Stability, salvage steel, marine grade plywood, silicone, vulcanized rubber, hardware, 10" x 12" x 5".

Jack Fischer Gallery is pleased to announce body building, a solo exhibition by Ted Larsen. The show will take place at our Minnesota Street Project gallery and will run through July 22, 2017. Join us for the opening reception on June 3, from 5 to 7 p.m. It is clear that Ted Larsen loves metal and all the colors that are found in the discarded pieces he uses to make his sculptures. Intimate and fragile while having weight suggesting massive scale. The work appears to be simple minimalist paintings exploring the space away from the walls. They are a hybrid, implying a very personal version of origami. One is reminded of haiku; each piece seems to have a certain rhythmic verbal/non verbal quality. The salvage material comes from cars, architectural elements, and dead industrial equipment. The sheets are cut into usable fragments and then glued onto marine grade plywood with silicone. As Elisabeth Susan wrote: “Larsen’s work is a generic recollection of a common, ordinary shape.” Larsen writes: “One aspect of my work is the attempt to create an object which introduces the human element into the reductive form.” There is something of a genetic memory attached to all the pieces, which in spite of the hard edginess of them, make you want to caress their forms. "Body building is an activity which is both self-referential and measured by an external context. People who participate actively in building their physiques do so for personal reasons. Sometimes this activity verges towards self-centeredness. The purpose of body building isn't about getting stronger, it is about getting bigger and developing a specific kind of shapeliness. "Artists actively build bodies of work for their own personal reasons. The works in this exhibit also have considerations of 'shapeliness', with each piece containing specific and unique qualities. Just like body builders, all portions of the 'body of work' must be unified and balanced between each other, and just like body builders, making art can verge towards self-centeredness as well."

Ted Larsen Larsen has shows coming up at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Conduit Gallery in Texas and Robichon Gallery in Denver. His work is in various private, public and corporate collections.