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Casey Gray: Double Knotted
SAN FRANCISCO - Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present “Double Knotted”, a solo exhibition by Casey Gray. The San Francisco-based artist introduces a new body of work for his first solo appearance at the gallery. Gray’s practice uniquely utilizes spray paint and hand-cut masking techniques to create vibrant still-life compositions. By referencing historical painting tropes, his work comments on the complexity of our contemporary visual experience. Casey Gray’s paintings are filled with objects and ephemera from modern life, engaging the viewer to search for connection through material identity. Culling from a vast web of imagery, he arranges visual excess into colorfully intricate tableaus. Though each piece illustrates a struggle for physical balance, Gray achieves a delicate harmony between the realism of his rendered subjects and the inherent flatness of his medium. Gray’s exhibition culminates in a monumental 8 by 6 foot painting, “Title of Piece“ depicts an elaborately decorated cabinet cluttered with items of the past and present. Each object contains significance from various cultures, histories, and identities. The exhibition title “Double Knotted” refers to the shoelaces intertwined throughout Gray’s ornate compositions, while also alluding to the anticipation of an uncertain future. Please join us for “Double Knotted”, opening Saturday, April 1, with an evening reception from 6pm-9pm, where the artist will be in attendance. This exhibition will be on view through Saturday, April 22. For more information, additional images, or exclusive content, please email the gallery at info@hashimotocontemporary.com