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Experts in Strangers’ Dreams Jason Jägel 2017, Juan Luna-Avin 2016

Experts in Strangers’ Dreams is a project that emerges from a collaboration between artists Jason Jägel and Juan Luna-Avin. The two artists will create an immersive installation at Royal Nonesuch Gallery inspired, in part, by their shared affinity for the raw urgency found in underground comics, films, and music. The title, Experts in Strangers’ Dreams, originated as a chapter in a comic book created by Luna-Avin, where the characters worked together to build a time machine, each relying on his or her special knowledge to create this portal. Following suit, the two artists have created a series of spaces, both real and psychic in the gallery with the aim of disorienting and transporting visitors through their installation.  In doing so, the two artists reject logic and reason with their approach in favor of the nonlinear, atemporal and poetic.