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Glitch, Synth and Klomp: Making Art With Analog Media

The ‘glitch art’ movement that has captured the art-going public in recent years has its roots in an analog video art scene that contorts physical media technologies to create eye-popping visuals, often “performed” live for audiences. In this course, students learn how to mix and match both obsolete and accessible analog equipment to bend circuits, loop feedbacks, and glitch, synth, mix, and ‘Klomp.’ This course is designed for artists and filmmakers who work with analog art forms, as well as for media conservators, archivists, and enthusiasts looking to better understand how these works are/were created. Bay Area video artist Kit Young will introduce the day-long workshop with a brief introduction into the history of video art, its key players and their methods. Students will then alternate between different workstations to manipulate analog signals from VHS tapes and other sources, using consumer-grade devices such as VCRs, DVD players, video cameras and tube tvs. Some technologies covered in the course: Karl Klomp Dirty Mixer, an easy-to-build video mixer made to combine the signals from two sources Camera feedback loops and chains Tachyons+ analog glitch box, a circuit bent 1980’s video processor sold at Radio Shack BitVison & CatVison, easy-to-build video synthesizers based on video game technology Obsolete video mixers, which are available at low cost from EBay LZX Industries and 3TrinsRGB+1 analog video synthesis Students can bring their own VHS tapes and DVDs as source material (the content will not be altered). Students are encouraged to document their hands-on efforts by using their phones.