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Jana Rumberger, ‘Metafictions’ Jana Rumberger, 'Metafictions'

state presents Metafictions, Jana Rumberger’s first solo exhibition in San Francisco. Metafictions and Data, two separate but interrelated bodies of work challenge the viewer’s reality by making them part of the artist’s fictional world. Rumberger’s work is deeply tied to narrative through the creation of objects that represent relics of both invented and real stories. In her latest collection, Metafictions, Rumberger creates miniature-scale objects that make reference to her installations included in Data. In contrast, Data are large-scale thread-based installations that visually illustrate the way data can and has been manipulated in the public realm to reach various and even conflicting conclusions. These life-size installations visually chart the wealth gap and income inequality of the Bay Area. Jana Rumberger has exhibited her work nationally from coast to coast, and it feels only right that she presents her debut show in her current home.