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Lyrics, Gestures and Games Lyrics, Gestures and Games, Jim Melchert, Midori Harima & Lyn Hejinian

Kala Gallery is proud to present Lyrics, Gestures and Games, exploring interplay among art-making, chance related process, and guidelines generated by everyday activities and gestures. This exhibition features works by acclaimed Bay Area ceramic artist Jim Melchert, Bay Area/NY/Tokyo based artist Midori Harima, along with Bay Area poet, Lyn Hejinian, combining visual elements, music performances, and a poetry reading. Lyrics, Gestures and Games highlights abstraction and sublimation of mundane elements, playfulness and open interpretation, exploring something essential stemming from the everyday and relating to our larger social hierarchy and systems. The exhibition includes music/poetry reading performances on Friday July 7, 8pm and Saturday July 8, 2pm. Bay Area composer/pianist Motoko Honda will perform pieces responding to the artwork in the exhibition in collaboration with Lyn Hejinian’s poetry reading. Tickets available on Eventbrite.