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Nearby She Calls KC Rosenberg "Watching or Seeing?" 2017, acrylic, wood, plexiglass on canvas, 49" x 60" (Photo by artist)

In KC Rosenberg's recent abstract works, she conjures up a re-occurring dream that made her question whether there is an intuitive shared space that exists past her being, similar to those who believe in talking to the dead. If this becomes the set understanding for this exhibition, then the conversation in the room of Rosenberg's works could be channeling with the audience who stand in for the entities of roaming spirits. Her current works are based on proximity and associations providing an ether for the phenomena of interpretation. Her carefully considered color palette sets a scene where the paintings, objects and signs, live as characters within a poetic conversation between text and image. The reminder of the importance of the instant is in Rosenberg's works. The artist uses the space to pose that there may be an intuitive strata, an elusive state of communication with present viewers, whether that be past, future or the present, concrete.