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Objects of Mutual Affection Kevin Killian and Dodie Bellamy's living room. Photo: Graham Holoch

Objects of Mutual Affection presents art from the homes of Bay Area writers Dodie Bellamy, Bruce Boone, Robert Glück, Kevin Killian, and Jocelyn Saidenberg. Instigators and practitioners of what has come to be called New Narrative writing, these individuals have also been vital participants in the Bay Area’s visual arts communities. Their frequent collaborations with artists have included publishing ventures, performances, and exhibitions, alongside a steady output of writing on visual art, including essays, profiles, and reviews. The pieces in Objects of Mutual Affection provide a record of the overlapping social and creative worlds in which these activities have taken place. Filled with mementos of decades-long friendships, art world crushes, serendipitous encounters, and departed lovers, Objects of Mutual Affection is both an extended family portrait of a creative community and a reconsideration of “collecting” as something other than a private or financial enterprise. The exhibition is supported by and will coincide with the conference Communal Presence: New Narrative Writing Today, at the University of California, Berkeley from October 13-15, which considers the legacy of New Narrative writing in both the Bay Area and abroad.