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Preserved solo painting show at Canessa Gallery Anita Yan Wong, Preserved, 2017, Chinese painting, 20X30in

Anita Yan Wong 大白菜 is an Artist and Art Professor specializes in Modern and traditional Chinese art, a long time pupil of 辛鵬九– a World-renowned Lingnan style master and first pupils of Chao Shao An. Her painting style is traditional “xie yi” (寫意), her brush strokes are expressive yet delicate and precise. Her paintings are a display of her Identity – an International artist that lived in Beijing, Hong Kong, London and the United States. Her Arts was featured on “N.Y. Arts” Magazine; Cover story of Artdependence Magazine; Design Within Reach 1st place Design Philadelphia Wall Art award. Her works are archived at AAAC (Asian American Art Achive) in New York City. Yale University China Hands Magazine described her paintings as: “Traditional art form that questions the Modern Minds”. Solo painting exhibition "Preserved" by Anita Yan Wong at the historic Canessa Gallery “My current works have been dealing with preservation of nature and the ancient art form that honors it – “Guo hua”; patterns in nature and the roles of traditional Art forms in the digital art age. In “Preserved”, I have preserved strange finds from nature under glass with backgrounds of “Guo hua” – both fragile but beautiful. They are given a second life and are frozen in time with new meanings under the glass, they tell stories of their existence and lives.”