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Recollected: Photography and the Archive BRITISH BOMBER 8-22-40, from the series WIREPHOTO. Pace/Wirtz. Archival pigment print. 31 inches x 25 inches. 2016. Courtesy of the artists.
What is an archive, and how do artists work with, through and around one to create new work? Much has been written about the archive and its role in defining history. In an interview on the Whitney Museum of American Art’s website, Julie Ault considers “the way histories are recollected” as she describes her own art practice that includes taking the role of archivist, curator, editor and theorist. Photography as a medium has been used to document and archive boundless topics, from the microscopic to the macroscopic. Many artists use the photography of others as the source material of their work. Some photographers create new work through organizing and documenting existing non-photographic collections and archives. Both ways of interacting with the archive deepen the viewer’s insight into the formal organization of material used to preserve the past — recollecting history.