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Schultz & The Machinery of the Absurd Maxwell's Demon 1933

Celebrated Oakland artist Schultz, the “Grandfather of Steampunk” known for his fantastical salvaged vehicles and absurdist sense of visual humor, will bring eleven of his storied creations to the Classic Cars West Gallery from March 3 to April 28th. An energetic, experimental tinkerer, Schultz’ work plays with the modern reverence for machines, unabashedly mixing together the functional and decorative, the kinetic and the supernatural, historical tidbits and timeless feeling. The eleven works chosen for this exhibit are all wheeled vehicles, equipped with hilarious anecdotal backstories and illustrated by Oakland cartoonist Krusty Wheatfield. Epically absurd accidents, thwarted innovations, and odd moments of tenderness populate these stories and cover each machine with a quasi-historical patina and unavoidable sense of humor and elevate them from objects to subjects.