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Speaking in Dreams Cheryl Maeder, Cloud Nine l and Julie B. Montgomery, Crimson Passage.

Upcoming Show - Cheryl Maeder and Julie B. Montgomery, Speaking in Dreams

Stinson Beach Gallery 3445 Shoreline Hwy Stinson Beach, CA; Hours Fri, Sat, Sun Noon - 5:00pm

Impressionist style photography, Cheryl's work captures the familiar moments that hang on the edges of memory, just out of reach. “…the world we see is part of a larger reality and what appears to be clear and in focus is only our perception.” - Cheryl Maeder. Julie B Montgomery states: "These images are my dreamscapes... I see them more as windows than as mirrors. I'm drawing from my inner life, but I'm looking outwards, either at the world or at the surface and the materials." Montgomery works in acrylics.