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Touch Move Bessie Kunath, 2017

Touch Move Work by Bessie Kunath, Emma Spertus, & Richard Zimmerman Curated by Lisa Rybovich Crallé August 5 – September 24, 2017 Exhibition Dates: August 5–September 24, 2017 Opening Reception: Saturday, August 5,  7–10pm Special Event: Wood Pushers: An Artist Talk and Live Chess Game, Saturday, September 16, 6–7:30pm   Touch Move presents new work by Bessie Kunath (Los Angeles), Emma Spertus (Oakland), and Richard Zimmerman (New York) and is guest curated by artist Lisa Rybovich Crallé (Oakland). Touch Move is a term borrowed from tournament chess wherein a player is obliged to make a move once their hand touches a piece. The title refers to the long-distance collaboration initiated by the artists, who, in response to each other’s work, play with the logic of meaning between objects, distance, and the built environment. The material-based practices of the artists point to the architectural through manipulations of form, scale-play, and non-functionality. In Touch Move, sculptural objects and architectural intervention work together to reveal an object-image-space-scale vortex that positions materiality as a substrate for cultural interpretation and critique.   During a one-night-only event entitled Wood Pushers (Saturday, September 16,  6–7:30pm) a timed chess match will take place inside Royal Nonesuch Gallery, accompanied by a conversation between artists Emma Spertus, Bessie Kunath, Richard Zimmerman and artist/organizer, Lisa Rybovich Crallé.