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Transformations:  New Work by Judy Seidel reconfigurations3 by Judy Seidel. Mixed media/canvas, 22x30, 2016

Manna Gallery is pleased to welcome back Berkeley artist Judy Seidel. Exhibition opens Friday, March 31 and continues to May 6. We will host a reception for Judy on First Saturday, April 8, from 2 to 4 pm when she will be present to greet visitors and discuss the issues and ideas behind her latest work. Says Seidel,” Transformation has been an underlying theme of my life. Transformation can be as simple and organic as, say, seed to plant or cocoon to butterfly. But it can sometimes entail destruction along the way, leading ultimately to new and healthier ways of living … I tend to work in series, sometimes short ones, occasionally extended to over 100 pieces. Regardless of the focus of the series, there is always the latent rumble of transformation… One of my series is “Not-So-Still Life” – partly a play on words gently mocking the “Still Life” tradition and partly a reminder that life is not still … “Reconfigurations” is what I call another of my on-going series. This body of work explores the idea that old cultural norms are being challenged and re-imagined.”