1.21 / Best Of: Year One

August 19 2010


August 19, 2010. We’ve reached the end of our first issue year, during which Art Practical went from being an enthusiastically supported idea to an established critical forum for Bay Area visual arts. To mark the occasion, Art Practical’s editors reflect on the wealth of writing that’s appeared on the site, while some of our writers highlight their favorite exhibitions, events, and people from the past twelve months. They had free range to choose their themes; their selections—both singular and recurring—range from the notable to elegiac to the idiosyncratic. It has been a very good year, made possible by tireless work of our editors, the dedication of our writers, the brilliance of our designers and developers, and the generosity of our partners. We hope you’ll join us when we begin Year 2 on September 16, 2010, with the second annual Shotgun Round. Enjoy! - PM

Photo: Eden Maloney.


The First Year

The First Year

By Patricia Maloney

In truth, the story of Art Practical to date has been one of the people involved: their investment in the project, the ownership they’ve taken, the efforts they’ve made, the protests they’ve voiced, and the work they’ve produced. I have asked some very smart and talented people for their time, and then I asked them for more. It is telling of their generosity that they have said yes again and again.

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Year in Review: Editors’ Choice

Year in Review: Editors’ Choice

By Art Practical Editors

Art Practical’s editors see their role as one of collaboration with our writers: encouraging them to find new modes of description and criticism and further define their voice. In the process, they spend a lot of time reading. What follows are their reflections on what makes Art Practical representative of the Bay Area. Each has highlighted a distinct strength of the site’s content: the highly individual voices; the attentiveness the writers pay to the works on view; the sense of community that emerges; and the prevailing concern with the broader social impact of art.

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