1.15 / Future Perfect

May 20 2010


May 20, 2010.  Uneasy bedfellows permeate Issue 15: optimism and folly, community and exclusion, the representation and construction of images. Not necessarily opposites—more like wary co-dependents—these qualities and attributes often underlie the contradictory impulses of the Bay Area visual arts community. The perpetual struggle for funding hardly dampens the outpouring of new initiatives, and the critical and philosophical engagement with social practices doesn’t undermine the desire to engage with the market.  Aspiration, risk, failure, and reconciliation are all of a cycle. This issue explores some of the transitions and tightrope-like negotiations artists make along this continuum. Enjoy! - PM


How Things Work, Part 2

How Things Work, Part 2

By Aimee Le Duc

The burgeoning generation of cultural producers in San Francisco and Alameda counties is discovering novel ways to support artists and build upon their communities. These organizations are not choosing to incorporate or formalize themselves in the same way. They create

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The Great Contemporary Art Bubble

The Great Contemporary Art Bubble

By Lani Asher

My film had hardly any art criticism. It was an economic analysis of the art market. In a way that was my art-critical point―that most of the art in my film did not merit being assessed within the framework of art criticism, and should only be considered as products in a market.

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