2.19 / Hindsight

June 16 2011


June 16, 2011. In her conversation with Bad at Sports, artist Julie Ault notes that the language she presently uses to describe Group Material’s early decisions and projects historicizes those experiences, creating a framework in which the past is skewed and the consciousness of the original moment is replaced by the context of hindsight. We all do this: use the words through which we now understand ourselves to describe our past actions. Perhaps it’s an effort to create continuity between then and now, a desire to recognize our former selves within our current incarnations. Ault also alludes to the moment of looking ahead; the moment when we are confident that the past has finally lost its hold only to have it reappear and collide against our future intentions. In such moments, we’re struck by an awareness that things don’t change as much as the words we use to understand them do.—PM


Secondary Protest Strategies (for Ai Weiwei)

Secondary Protest Strategies (for Ai Weiwei)

By Christian L. Frock

In effect, by utilizing the Internet as a personal platform for dissent, Ai has been an ideal movement entrepreneur, which is defined by R. Kelly Garrett as “an individual motivated to undertake social movement activity and rely on their skills to conduct these actions.” By amplifying his voice through the Internet, he has empowered others to do so as well.

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Interview with Julie Ault

Interview with Julie Ault

By Bad at Sports

There was the context which we were a part of—there were a number of contexts that we were a part of—and probably the most directly related, although I wouldn’t necessarily say influential, was the creation of artist spaces, artist-run entities, group structures like Colab [Collaborative Projects], events like The Real Estate Show, and the founding of ABC No Rio, which came out of that. So there was a sense that maybe self-representation was needed. There were possibilities, but there was not a burgeoning scene that we were aware of at that point.

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