1.2 / Nomads and Residents

November 5 2009


Home, balance, and noise figure prominently in Issue 2. In their Features, the vulnerability of tenancy underlies Adrienne Skye Roberts and Megan Wilson’s reflections on transforming their private residences into exhibition spaces. Renny Pritikin looks at the end of SoEx's nomadic ways with the opening of its new home. Bruno Fazzolari, Carol Anne McChrystal, and Zachary Royer Scholz discuss radically different material strategies for creating balance and flux. And Brady Welch and Jess Brier examine two of the more dissonant avant-garde endeavors of the 20th century: Futurism and punk rock.  Enjoy! - PM


A Letter From Home

A Letter From Home

By Adrienne Skye Roberts

Home is something in a state of perpetual motion. Through the repetition of actions and rituals we construct, rebuild, and reaffirm home day after day. It is a place we are constantly moving towards and yet, it is often something we must distance ourselves from. There are homes we outgrow or that never quite fit—places we must leave in order to remake ourselves, carrying with us past experiences as we generate our new versions of home. For thousands of people, the search for home led to San Francisco.

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HOME 1996-2008

HOME 1996-2008

By Megan Wilson

As I continued to work, it became clearer to me that I was creating a world that would attempt to redefine my reality.

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