1.4 / Situations

December 3 2009


What are the places for art? In Issue 4, Christian L. Frock considers alternatives to institutional endeavors in contemporary art while the founding and current Directors of the UC BAM/PFA reflect on the history and future of the museum and its building.  Stephanie Baker reviews Jordan Essoe’s “Living Room,” while Zachary Royer Scholz looks at the collaborative venture between Hallway Projects and 667 Shotwell.  Additional reviews by Brian Andrews, Leigh Marcopoulos, Randall Miller, and Genevieve Quick, as well as responses to Anthony Marcellini’s Feature from Issue 3. Enjoy! - PM


Visible Alternatives, Part 1

Visible Alternatives, Part 1

By Christian L. Frock

If we agree the visible alternative exists as an opportunity, sometimes generated in response to exclusion, then we pursue the alternative to create self-directed autonomy, to experiment with and realize ideas, to disregard the demands of the market, the concerns of the institution, the rhetoric of criticism or theory. We pursue the alternative to test the limits of failure, to create something from nothing.

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There and Back Again

There and Back Again

By Jarrett Earnest

Anna Halprin said she would like to bring her dancers to define the museum space before we hung any pictures, which I thought was a very good idea. About a week before someone said to me “you know I heard they will be dancing naked in the museum, you better do something about it or you are going to get into trouble before you even open the museum.” I said “if I would censor them I would be in more trouble with myself”

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