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Episode 24: Trisha Lagaso Goldberg by Weston Teruya

Episode 24: Trisha Lagaso Goldberg


Trisha Lagaso Goldberg creates platforms to support artists in Hawaiʻi through exhibitions, programming, and her work as the Public Art Project Manager for the Hawaiʻi State Foundation on Culture & the Arts.

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Whose Place, Whose Space?: Extraterrestrial Stakes by Genevieve Quick

Whose Place, Whose Space?: Extraterrestrial Stakes


Frances Bodomo and Larissa Sansour create poetic and fantastical extraterrestrial missions as alternative narratives to existing space programs, in order to explore, respectively, the tenuousness of Zambian and Palestinian national identity.

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Ben Kinmont: On Becoming Something Else by Calder Yates

Ben Kinmont: On Becoming Something Else


Ben Kinmont's antiquarian bookselling business is also an ongoing sculpture titled Sometimes a nicer sculpture is to be able to provide a living for your family (1998–ongoing).

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Laurie Anderson by Emily K. Holmes

Laurie Anderson


Emily K. Holmes chats with Laurie Anderson about her deep concern for the current political moment, as well as the narratives and themes that infuse Anderson’s broad-sweeping creative practice.

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Interview with Aaron Wong and Don Felix Cervantes by Shahrzade Ehya

Interview with Aaron Wong and Don Felix Cervantes


Aaron Wong and Don Felix Cervantes founded the artist-in-residence program TRADES as a means of fostering wider appreciation for O‘ahu’s vibrant but underappreciated and geographically remote contemporary art scene.

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Rupert García by John Zarobell

Rupert García


In Rupert García’s work, one sees the military-industrial complex, feels the patriotism, and hears the lies the government told.

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The Radicality of Women by Anuradha Vikram

The Radicality of Women


Sexual harassment and assault in the art world have always been elements of the soft-power domination that global-capitalist culture enacts.

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