Marina McDougall

Marina McDougall is a curator based in San Francisco who specializes in interdisciplinarity and hybrid artistic practices. She is the director of the Exploratorium’s Center for Art & Inquiry, where she develops the strategy for the museum’s work in the arts and oversees the Artist-in-Residence and Over the Water programs. McDougall has twenty years of experience organizing exhibitions and public programs. She was the first curator of art and design at the California College of the Arts Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art and is a cofounder of the Studio for Urban Projects. She has been a visiting curator at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, the Museum of Jurassic Technology, the California Academy of Sciences, and the Oakland Museum of California. McDougall’s long-term project, “The Garden of Forking Paths,” involves drawing upon the history of gardens to shape new forms of garden experience. She is the coeditor of The Marvelous Museum: Treasures, Curiosities and Orphans of the Oakland Museum of California—A Project of Mark Dion (Chronicle Books, 2010) and Science Is Fiction: The Films of Jean Painleve (MIT /Brico, 2000). She is an adjunct professor in the California College of the Arts curatorial-practice program and serves on the board of the Seed Fund