Episode 05: A Very-Special-Episode Episode

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Episode 05: A Very-Special-Episode Episode

By Elena Gross September 22, 2017

Elena Gross is joined by other closet culture junkies and pop vivants. No detail is too banal and no subject too proud, or too base. Critically minded and unabashedly opinionated, every energetic discussion peels away the sticky layers of our media and visual culture.

As the summer comes to a close, it is time to look back on all the fun-times we had...indoors with the shades drawn so that we can better see the screens of our (emotional crutch) laptops. Between network television and streaming services, this past summer has provided some of the most entertaining, cringe-worthy (looking at you, Gypsy), and solidly thought-provoking TV programming that I have seen all year. And here to unpack it all with me is, normally behind-the-scenes WAYLA producer, Eden Redmond.


Eden Redmond is a Portland-based writer, artist, and the Communications Manager for our host publication Art Practical. Her research centers conversations of gender, race, and technology around popular culture and mass-media production.

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