Episode 2: Let it scroll, Let it scroll, Let it scroll

what are you looking at?

Episode 2: Let it scroll, Let it scroll, Let it scroll

By Elena Gross, Jay Katelansky December 22, 2017

A podcast where Elena and Jay, two queer Black women in the Bay Area, talk about art, art crushes, art world gossip, regular gossip, and millennial woes.

It’s the holiday episode of what are you looking at? and instead of focusing on peace on earth and good will toward all, our hosts grapple with the constant stream of images and information clogging their overly-congested newsfeeds. Elena and Jay explore how narratives of truth and/or fake-news get constructed through magazines, journalistic news, social media, artist interventions, and the always entertaining, crowd-sourced goodness of #BlackTwitter. It’s that political-cultural conversation you want to have before that political-cultural conversation you have to have with that one problematic aunt/uncle who comes to every holiday meal.

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**when mentioning Sable Elyse Smith in the “What are you looking at?” segment, I don’t say her full name. It’s Sable Elyse Smith not Sable Elyse

Strippers on Strike: https://broadly.vice.com/en_us/article/bj7je8/meet-the-new-york-strippers-organizing-against-racism-in-the-industry

Music: Rodrigo Vicente Song: "Happy Christmas"


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