Episode 3: @_emotionalbaggage liked your post


Episode 3: @_emotionalbaggage liked your post

By Dorothy R. Santos December 19, 2018

PRNT SCRN is a podcast hosted by Dorothy R. Santos about bridging the gaps between analog, new media, and digital art practices.

As a little girl, I once dreamed of becoming a research scientist. It never happened, but I did spend a considerable amount of time in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry learning the intricacies of clinical research. While I never became the doctor my mother wished me to be, the desire to understand science, where we come from, and the internal workings of our various systems never cease to amaze me. In this episode, @_emotionalbaggage liked your post, I explore the artistic practice of artist Ani Liu and how she re-imagines portraiture and explores the translation between virtual to physical. In Liu’s most recent work, Real Virtual Feelings (2018), she examines how the digital realm affects our cognition and body chemistry. In essence, Liu shows the direct relationship of what happens inside our bodies directly affects our behaviors, intentions, and expectations. Yet Lui’s work is a part of a larger body of work of artists working at the intersections of art, science, and technology. The SubRosa collective has engaged in speculative and imaginative practices of how biomaterial can be used as artistic mediums for quite some time.



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