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LPP in Conversation: Amy Ho

By Little Paper Planes January 7, 2016

Studio Sessions offers behind-the-scenes access to artists, writers, curators, and creative individuals through a variety of tête-à-tête conversations that consider the how, and what, and where of making art. Studio Sessions are presented as interviews, profiles, and studio visits through text, photo essays, and videos.

LPP in Conversation visits Bay Area artists in their studios and project sites to explore the research, readings, obsessions, and inspiration they use to inform their practice.

Oakland artist Amy Ho has a practice based in conceptual spaces, building maquettes to stage photographs of imaginary architectural sites. She talked with us about a new, collaborative project that opens her work into memory and storytelling as well. For three years, Amy has taught art to inmates at San Quentin State Prison. The relationships she’s formed with students, week after week, spurred her to invite them to help her to recreate from memory sites that are important to them. The students tell stories and stretch themselves to make drawings and diagrams that communicate details of the spaces they remember. They give feedback and make corrections as Amy shows them photos of the maquettes she’s making for installations, guiding her as she creates artworks they may never see, about places they may never see again.

Amy M. Ho builds video and spatial installations that bring attention to our existence as both physical and psychological beings.  She received her undergraduate degree in Art Practice from UC Berkeley and her MFA from Mills College.  Amy was a recipient of a San Francisco Arts Commission Individual Artists Grant for 2013 and was included in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts' Bay Area Now 7 in 2014.  She was a 2013 fellowship artist at the Kala Art Institute, an artist in residence at the Lucid Art Foundation in 2014, an artist in residence at Studio Kura in 2014, and an artist in residence at Project 387 in 2015.  Amy is currently the studio director at Real Time and Space and an art instructor at San Quentin State Prison.  She is represented by Chandra Cerrito Contemporary.  

Amy Ho. Triangle IV (Earlville), 2013; single channel video projection; dimensions variable.


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Apart from making videos, Jon Brown is an aspiring semi-professional whistler. He also has too many keys on his keychain.


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