Episode 1: Sound as Sculpture


Episode 1: Sound as Sculpture

By Dorothy R. Santos October 24, 2018

PRNT SCRN is a podcast hosted by Dorothy R. Santos about bridging the gaps between analog, new media, and digital art practices.

With the popularity of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) videos on YouTube and social-media platforms, sound has become an integral part of understanding and exploring embodiment. Yet the fascination with sound has a long history beyond the digital realm. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art new-media curator, Rudolf Frieling, aptly described The 40 Part Motet by the artist Janet Cardiff as “sound as sculpture.” In a similar vein, this episode seeks to explore the history and convergence of analog and digital technologies in the production of experimental sound. The show’s topic is also inspired by Jonathan Sterne’s research and scholarship on the MP3 format, which reveals not only the evolution of the MP3 but also how this sonic commodity produced a science of sound connected to telephony and music and drew distinctions between public and private sound. In this episode, sound as a medium for creative practice and inquiry is examined through a conversation with the artist and scholar, Anna Friz.


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