Episode 01: Doing Your Laundry and Doing Your Work

what are you looking at?

Episode 01: Doing Your Laundry and Doing Your Work

By Elena Gross April 21, 2017

Elena Gross is joined by other closet culture junkies and pop vivants. No detail is too banal and no subject too proud, or too base. Critically minded and unabashedly opinionated, every energetic discussion peels away the sticky layers of our media and visual culture.

In this episode, we talk with Amy Langer, the co-interim artist director of the San Francisco Neo-Futurists, a collective performance ensemble that produces "non-illusory" theater. We discuss feminist playwrighting, Yoko Ono, Bay Area home galleries, and everyone's least favorite topic: the artist genius myth. You can follow her on Instagram at @helloimalion and her work at @sfneofuturists

what are you looking at is produced by Eden Redmond.


Amy Langer is a founding ensemble member for the San Francisco Neo-Futurists, a group of prolific writer/performer/directors who produce a weekly ever-changing show called “The Infinite Wrench.” Amy also writes at gentlegamers.com, a website dedicated to the softer side of video games.

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