Episode 02: Analog Days - Do or Die

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Episode 02: Analog Days - Do or Die

By Elena Gross May 19, 2017

Elena Gross is joined by other closet culture junkies and pop vivants. No detail is too banal and no subject too proud, or too base. Critically minded and unabashedly opinionated, every energetic discussion peels away the sticky layers of our media and visual culture.

In this episode we sit down with curator Jackie Clay and artist Ayanna U’Dongo to discuss their recent show at Et al. brothers and sisters. We also discuss how Black Americans are portrayed in mainstream and homemade media, and giving oneself permission to make artwork that focuses solely on Black people. We also discuss Anita Hill, Vanessa Beecroft, Pam Grier, and soon-to-be-famous sci-fi protagonist Veyne SilverThigh.

what are you looking at is produced by Eden Redmond.


Jackie Clay is the executive director at the Coleman Center for the Arts, a contemporary arts organization that produces socially engaged public art projects in the Alabama Black Belt region. Her intellectual practice centers on black visual culture – which is not limited to work produced by people of the African diaspora – and takes on less explicit uses of race in contemporary art and criticism.                                     

Ayanna U'Dongo is a self-trained independent video artist originally based in Chicago from 1992 through 1998. She is also a youth arts advocate teaching video production and critique to teens in collaboration with top youth arts organizations which included the Street-Level Youth Media, Marwen Foundation, Gallery 37, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Her experimental videos explore the impact of American slavery on contemporary life. Utilizing her body as metaphor and invoking the power of ancient indigenous spirits to guide the direction of each video with the intention to heal herself and others who have endured trauma in their lives.

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