Episode 1, (S2): Let’s Do A Check-In

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Episode 1, (S2): Let’s Do A Check-In

By Elena Gross, Jay Katelansky September 26, 2018

A podcast where Elena and Jay, two queer Black women in the Bay Area, talk about art, art crushes, art world gossip, regular gossip, and millennial woes.

Jay and Elena are back and getting down to business. In this episode, our hosts catch us up on how they spent the summer: seeing shows (or not) and watching ridiculous amounts of television. And since the art world and the academic world operate on roughly the same calendar, Elena and Jay unpack the meaning of “back-to-school” by thinking about the benefit and necessity of alternative schooling models, like LeBron James’ I Promise school, Joseph Cullier and Shani Peters’ The Black School, and the Pilipinx American Library (PAL) at the Asian Art Museum.


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