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How does one survive and thrive as an artist in the San Francisco Bay Area? 

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Sofía Córdova at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park by Sofía Córdova

Sofía Córdova at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park

Living & Working

Artist and musician, Sofía Córdova, takes us to the "foot" of the tech empire to talk to us about the intersections of art, climate change, and finding one's community in an apocalyptic Oakland.

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On History and Endurance by Dodie Bellamy

On History and Endurance

Living & Working

"I’m not the first and I won’t be the last writer in whose work San Francisco is more than a place; it infuses the writing to such a degree that it assumes the position of protagonist."

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Living & Working

Art collective, BONANZA, takes us to their favorite dive bar in San Francisco where they gather to drink, dance, and host art events. 

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Episode 38: Leland Miyano by Weston Teruya

Episode 38: Leland Miyano


Weston Teruya speaks with Honolulu-based artist Leland Miyano about his connections to nature and natural materials and his process for the new site specific installation at the Foster Botanical Garden. 

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We Need to Talk About Social Practice by manuel arturo abreu

We Need to Talk About Social Practice


At their worst, contemporary social practices reinforce the idea that aesthetics trump all else: art, even unconsciously, acts within the market.

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Libby Black at the Berkeley Marina by Libby Black

Libby Black at the Berkeley Marina

Living & Working

Artist and educator, Libby Black, takes us on her favorite routine stroll at the Berkleley Marina to reflect on her life as an artist in the Bay Area for the past 18 years.

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Some Thoughts on Art and Work by Maria Porges

Some Thoughts on Art and Work

Living & Working

In the art world, the word "work" serves so many purposes that it is difficult to know what it really means or how to use it. Do we live to work or work to live?

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Danny Giles Draws a Black Frame Around Whiteness by Emily Pothast

Danny Giles Draws a Black Frame Around Whiteness


By replicating and transforming images derived from processes that generate multiples, such as viral videos, mold making, and etching, artist Danny Giles reveals an abiding interest in the roles that reproducibility and mass media have historically played in the dissemination and perpetuation of the structures of white supremacy.

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Violence, Voyeurism, and the Place of Art by Brian Karl

Violence, Voyeurism, and the Place of Art


Within on Joaquín Segura’s Pyre are geographically specific questions about how we respond to the failure of government and often-hidden, interwoven politics. The work also asks: what are the geneses and consequences of violence, vigilantism, and voyeurism? 

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Justin Carder at Wolfman Books by Justin Carder

Justin Carder at Wolfman Books

Living & Working

Justin Carder, bookstore owner and cultural producer, shares his journey to ownership and defining home and community in a rapidly changing Oakland.

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