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Seeing is Projecting
Who: A Woman’s Eye Gallery What: Encaustic Paintings - Mixed Media Artist: Judith Williams Show Title: Seeing is Projecting When: May 4 - May 26 Artist's Reception: Saturday, May 4, from 2:00pm to 5:00pm Special Event: Sunday, May 11, Poetry & Book Signing Where: A Woman’s Eye Gallery 678 Portola Drive, San Francisco, CA 94127 Gallery Hours: Saturday and Sunday, NOON - 5:00PM Public Info: 415 265-8237 AWEGallery.com Judith Williams has always been fascinated by dolls, and with an inquiry of how we look at them, she created and painted a series. We see and feel parts of ourselves when we look at inanimate objects similar to our own image. As Judith painted them, she made up their personalities, positioned them, and imagined "their stories" with hopes the viewer will do the same . Influenced by Marcel Duchamp, who stretched the idea of everyday objects to new concepts, Williams created imaginary realms using shoes. The shape of the shoe and the function of a shoe presented symbols or metaphors to view it with new perspectives. Seeing below the literal surface is what appeals to her. Her resulting art pieces are then creatively mounted for hanging.