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Celebration of Creation:  Earth IS an Installation World Spirit
Liza Gopika Lichtinger will arrive to CELLspace after a two month expedition of seva and exploration through Asia. As a Psychotherapist and Yoga instructor, Liza also is the designer and founder of Gopi Bliss Apparel & Spa. Research on Sensory Awareness Mindfulness Synaesthesia Methods with client populations guides Liza’s creative focus to integral elements in the human being experience. Extending exploration of प्राण prāṇa in the world, Liza Licht continues her series of exhibits. The path of human and natural relations is embraced through presentation of the second exhibit in this series entitled “Celebration of Creation: Earth Is an Installation”. During her residency at Project 2048 Liza Licht’s mission involves expression of art in integrative cultures placing into service writing weaved with photography, and a trailer of the film One Truth. Additional elemental branches provide a platform for interconnectedness and movement engaging the community to receive and create in an arena streaming a positive production current. Extending the series planted in Florida, Liza aligns with World-Spirit creating the documentary One Truth. The film invites the observer to awaken their senses through multicultural windows shot throughout the planet Earth. Branching into a delicate balance between individuals and nature, the sustained fulfillment one may achieve when connecting to a chosen source is captured in a series of interviews revealing parallels of truth across the world. On the 11th of August CellSpace will house Liza Lichtinger’s exhibit: Earth Is an Installation. The ability to levitate the mind through artistic forums extends potential for exploration expressing what could be. Eclectic elements feature dedication to sharing ideas observed, interacted with and lived amongst. Through this collective collaboration individuals are welcome to unify in a microcosm mirroring the possibility for one world spirit existence.
Celebration of Creation:  Earth IS an Installation Prana Liza Lichtinger
Celebration of Creation:  Earth IS an Installation Acceptance of True Self