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A Frayed Knot / AFRAID NOT

A Frayed Knot / AFRAID NOT
Cannupa Hanska Luger Introduction Exhibition + Performance
September 5—October 18, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 5, 5-8pm
Performance: Thursday, September 5, durational from 5-8pm
Gallery Hours: Wednesday–Saturday, noon–6pm and by appointment 

A Frayed Knot
There is a line, that spans across time in a continuum. This line is the record of our existence and is woven into the very fabric of being. But this line, through tension or abrasion or brute force, has been cut. The edge of this line is broken and unravelling. In order to connect to our past we must take up that line in both hands and tie it to our present in order to guide us into the future. Our stories are a long worn line and the effort to maintain them has left an artifact of that care in the form of A Frayed Knot.

Performative action by artist Cannupa Hanska Luger will tie a physical line from the tools of ar-ti-fa-ct to their task.

These are not ancient artifacts.
These are not culturally specific artifacts.
These will not be found in the historical record.
These do not shine
light on a lost civilization.
These were not dug from pits by devoted scholars.
These were not stolen from burial grounds.
These were not gifts from a fascinated collector.
These are not donations from friends of the museum.
These are trapped tools for our current battle.
These are made of earth to slay our earth eating monsters.
These fit in our hands. These rest on our shoulders.
The instructions for use are embedded in our genetic memory.
These are needed now and so are we.
In this time we must remember our belonging to the earth.
We must re-establish reverence for our land, rather than
We must recall the fact that we
are this place.
We must fight. We must survive.