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Between Worlds Maja Ruznic, Pile, 2016, Oil on Canvas, 60x48in

Curated by Jack Fischer and Michael Yochum, Between Worlds started with a desire to curate an exhibition that responded to the Syrian refugee crisis. The exhibition has evolved and broadened to encompass an examination of the process of uprooting and transplantation in a human context. All of the artists selected have been affected directly or indirectly by displacement. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area our community, and particularly our artist community, has been enriched by cultural diversity. But those who arrive seeking a home, come to an uncomfortable realization that they are, in fact, not home, but between worlds. They look back and long for their homeland, but it is a place that no longer exists or would not welcome them back. Their adopted home, a place to start anew, makes them feel like outsiders, their knowledge, skills and education devalued. They find themselves longing for a place that may not exist. Safe haven is not the same as home. And, in today's world, a place of refuge is often neither safe nor welcoming. This exhibition shares the collective experience of artists with San Francisco Bay Area ties, who reside in this space, Between Worlds ….