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Soft Serve

SOFT SERVE is the first group exhibition presented by the newly formed, women-led art collective CTRL+SHFT, located in West Oakland. The purpose of SOFT SERVE is to introduce the members of CTRL+SHFT to the community and to open the collective’s renovated warehouse gallery to the public. The build-out of the warehouse’s architectural interior is in itself a collective artwork, constructed by CTRL+SHFT, and is therefore on display as well during the premiere exhibition. 

SOFT SERVE’s curatorial premise mirrors the collaborative working style and evolution of CTRL+SHFT. The group began with an empty place where they regularly met, threw out ideas, talked, revised ideas, democratically voted, organically self-organized into smaller groups to complete certain projects, and then performed another set of tasks, starting the process over again. Similarly, the concept and installation of SOFT SERVE occurs as an on-site meeting between all the collective members, exhibiting a collection of member artists’ works through an improvisational curatorial experiment that has members making installation decisions in the moment, performatively changing art installation placements, interrupting each other’s works, re-installing, and so on. 

The first exhibition’s open-ended format reflects the strategy of acceptance and unexpectedness that defines CTRL+SHFT. Finality is not the goal. Furthermore, performative interventions between the artists, audience, and exhibition are expected during the opening night. SOFT SERVE, and the opening of CTRL+SHFT, invites community members to: be here, talk, see, celebrate, make things up, undo, redo, experiment, question, share, think, and participate. 

CTRL+SHFT is: Addy Rabinovitch, Megan Reed, Beryl Bevilacque, Channing Morgan, Danielle Genzel, Erica Molesworth, Katy Crocker, Jessica Hubbard, Maria Guzmán Capron, Andrea Fritsch, Eden Redmond, Sofie Ramos, C.A. Greenlee, and Yerin Kim.

Through February 19, 2016, Friday-Saturday 12-6pm and by appointment