bosun’s call

8.2 / Ghost Ship

bosun’s call

By marcella faustini December 8, 2016

in the years i spent booking and attending noise shows and dance parties in the bay area, i met and worked with several of the people that were fatally trapped in the ghost ship last friday night. like all of us, i keep catching myself drifting into pained thoughts throughout the day, of the spirit and creativity in those I knew. i can only imagine the sense of loss felt by the ones that loved and created closely with them.

this playlist is just a glimpse of the diverse talent lost to the ghost ship tragedy. i encourage you to click on the artists' names and learn more about what they left behind. i also urge you to participate in whatever way you can in finding solutions to take our artists out of the precarity that this current housing market has forced onto them. they are indispensable to our cultural map. but most of all come out to bay area dance floors and experimental music venues and support their art. the playlist is open to contributions, if you would like any tracks to be added to the list, please contact marcella faustini through her soundcloud account.

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