11.2 / In/With/For the Public


By Szu-Han Ho January 15, 2020

In/With/For the Public is supported by the Kenneth Rainin Foundation, a private family foundation dedicated to enhancing quality of life by championing and sustaining the arts, promoting early childhood literacy, and supporting research to cure chronic disease.


ENCRYPTED EMAIL > protonmail.com SECURING YR EMAIL > https://ssd.eff.org/en/glossary/pgp ENCRYPTED MESSAGING > signal app & wire app SECURE PRIVATE WEB BROWSING > duckduckgo & mozilla firefox PRIVACY/ ANTI-TRACKER BROWSER EXTENSION > ghostery.com & eff privacy badger ANONYMOUS BROWSING > tor FACT CHECK > politifact.com & factcheck.org DIGITAL PRIVACY AT US BORDER > https://www.eff.org/wp/digital-privacy-us-border-2017 ENCRYPTED CHATS & FILE SHARING > balboa.io DATA DETOX > https://tacticaltech.org/news/data-detox-kit/ ONLINE HARASSMENT > https://onlinesafety.feministfrequency.com/en/ HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS IN HOSTILE ENVIRO > https://www. frontlinedefenders.org/en/programme/digital-security FIGHT AGAINST GVT SURVEILLANCE > https://pack.resetthenet.org FEMINIST CYBERSECURITY > https:// hackblossom.org/cybersecurity/ LIBRARY FREEDOM > libraryfreedom.org GUIDE TO BEING A DEFENDANT > tiltedscalescollective.org ACTIVIST/IMMIGRANT/YOUTH KNOW YOUR RIGHTS > https://cldc.org/know-your-rights/ > ANTI-OPPRESSION RESOURCES > http://aorta.coop/resources/ WORKING ARTIST WAGES > https://wageforwork.com ART SCHOOL & CULTURAL EQUITY > http://bfamfaphd.com/ FREELANCERS UNION > https://www.freelancersunion.org/ CONSENSUS DECISION MAKING > https://www.seedsforchange.org.uk/consensus PROTECTION FROM MIC & CAMERA HACKS https://www.activistpost.com/2019/09/how-to-protect-yourself-from-microphone-and-camera-hacking.html

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