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Preview: Art Practical Year Five

By Art Practical Editors June 13, 2013

In early September, Art Practical will launch a redesigned website that will reflect an exciting transformation in how we publish issues, reviews, profiles, and features. This news follows on the heels of our Janurary merge with our longtime partner Happenstand and our recent announcement that Art Practical has become sister publications with Daily Serving.

Art Practical and Daily Serving are closely aligned in the goal to provide readers with thoughtful, nuanced analysis of contemporary art, its producers, and the events that inform both. By combining Art Practical’s deep investment in the San Francisco Bay Area arts community with Daily Serving’s expansive global network of writers, the partnership will offer more robust coverage of how contemporary artists become invested locally while creating new opportunities to participate in international dialogues on an enlarged scale.

This expanded partnership and our site redesign are both significant steps in our larger plan to incorporate as a non-profit organization. (You can read more about Art Practical's plans to incorporate as a non-profit organization in this issue's feature Standard Deviation, which offers perspectives on how to create sustainable environments in which artists and writers can practice.)

The new site will not only represent a deeper commitment and investment in our long-term mission of sustainability for the two publications, but also reflect the commitment and energy of those involved. What follows is an overview of the new Art Practical, which will be responsive to mobile platforms, offer a greater means of access to our archive, and will more fully integrate the current and past event listings of Happenstand. Look for new and expanded opportunities for you to contribute to our publications.

All issues will be thematic, publishing every six weeks. Year Five will have eight thematic issues, each of which will include eight to ten feature-length articles on a central theme curated by a guest editor.

Events and Reviews
Reviews will be published alongside event listings to make it easy to read perspectives on current exhibitions and events, and we'll publish one to two reviews each week. We will absorb the archive of our longtime partner Happenstand, and events will originate on the Art Practical site, where you'll be able to submit your event listings. The new design will let viewers easily browse what exhibitions are currently on view, what is coming up or closing, and what we recommend seeing (AP Picks). 

Other types of content will be published in a new columns section. These series will appear on the site periodically, with one to two columns publishing each week. You'll be able to find Bad at Sports interviews and the Visiting Artist Profile series here, as well as new content like an Op-Ed column and Rob Mark's upcoming series, The Museum on My Mind

As we look to the future, we're also thinking about how to care for our archive. With the redesign, this will have the capacity to browse all our past content by issue, venue, date, type of content, and contributor.

Art Practical staff and writers at the Art Practical holiday party at Gallery Wendi Norris, in San Francisco, 2012.

Our target launch date for the new Art Practical site and Year Five is Thursday, September 12 (yes, there will be a launch party). Stay tuned for details and be sure to check out our thematic archive issues this summer.

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