Public Sense Ep. 1: Weston Teruya

9.1 / Public Sense

Public Sense Ep. 1: Weston Teruya

By Kara Q. Smith February 7, 2018

Our podcast series Public Sense, produced in conjunction with Issue 9.1, will feature conversations with artists and cultural producers about public and place-based practices. We'll consider the social and political implications of site, as well as the logistical and conceptual underpinnings of socially-engaged artistic production. In this episode I had the opportunity to sit down with artist and (un)making podcast host Weston Teruya about how community informs his artistic and professional practice (this episode was recorded in December 2017). Follow Weston on Instagram at @westonteruya and his podcast at @un_making. Check out the projects we talk about on his website:

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