Resources + Call for Pitches

8.2 / Ghost Ship

Resources + Call for Pitches

By Art Practical Editors December 8, 2016


We want this issue to be a space for stories, responses, and perspectives about this situation: We are interested in celebrating the energy and artistic breadth of those affected by this tragedy, solutions and calls to action. If you have an essay you would like to contribute, please send your pitch and information to with the subject GS SUBMISSION. Deadline for submissions is ongoing. 

We are also accepting submissions in the form of original artwork. We're leaving the header images of this issue blank and will fill them in with submissions as we receive them. Images should be in .jpeg form, at least 72 dpi and 1024 pixels wide.


Master List of Ghost Ship Support
Therapists Offering Services 
General Donations
KQED List of Benefits and Vigils

Have a resource to share? Please share it in the comment section below or email us at


Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, Fire Relief Fund for Victims of Ghostship Oakland Fire
Trans Assistance Project
Residents' Relief Fund

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