4.2 / A Beautiful Concept of Far

October 9 2012


October 9, 2012. The title for this issue comes by way of the Miami-based artist Domingo Castillo, who used the phrase to describe the opportunity to work in a location remote from the usual hub of artistic activity, in which the effort to get there suggests curiosity and potentiality rather than inconvenience or unfamiliarity. It is a concept that resonates throughout the articles included here, most evidently in Natasha Boas's review of Six Lines of Flight, but certainly also in Alex Bigman's profile of the artist ISHKY, whose efforts to encircle the sky with the numerical representation of the relation of circumference to diameter also enacts a metaphor for grandiosity. Most poignantly, a beautiful concept of far reverberates throughout the artist AA Bronson's description of Invocations of Queer Spirits in his interview with Bad at Sports. As Bronson notes, the process of conjuring a litany of spirits requires twice as long as one thinks. Enjoy–PM


Interview with AA Bronson

Interview with AA Bronson

By Bad at Sports

We spent about seven years doing a publicity campaign for a disease. That is what it amounted to, because it wasn’t being addressed properly or talked about.

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