A Day for Detroit

August 14 2013


August 14, 2013. Art Practical and Daily Serving are proud to jointly participate alongside other art media in heralding A Day for Detroit. Eight writers from both publications have each selected a work from the collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA), a treasure trove that could inconceivably be sacrificed if Detroit’s emergency manager forces a sale of the collection to alleviate some of the city’s staggering debt. We present the works here along with commentary by the writers on why their selections resonated for them. In doing so, we invite our readers to imagine the magnitude of what would be squandered should the sale occur: not only the work but also a source of immense civic pride. Both residents and visitors to Detroit can attest to the means by which art has coalesced some neighborhoods and revitalized others. How might it contribute to the city’s recovery? We can begin by considering the DIA’s collection: its breadth and the wealth of experience it bestows on its audience. After surveying our writers’ selections, we encourage you to delve deeper into the collection and to add your voice to those who support it. —PM

Diego Rivera. Detroit Industry, 1932-33; frescos; installation view. Courtesy of the Detroit Institute of Arts. Copyright 2011.