3.17 / A Living Thing That Changes

June 14 2012


June 14, 2012. Black Mountain College makes a couple of appearances in this issue as both touchstone and aspiration. It is worth noting that John Andrew Rice, the founder of Black Mountain College, was apparently both a very charismatic and divisive figure. He created the twentieth century's most significant experiments in education by elevating artistic production and experiential learning over edification and by attracting visionaries to the school. He fomented interdisciplinary collaborations between faculty and students that would radically and forever transform the visual and performing arts and architecture. He was also unable to keep the school financially solvent and was asked to resign by the faculty. However, we hardly think of administrative acumen when casting an eye over history; our tendency is to valorize those who, as Michele Carlson notes in her feature, calmly dare you to give them the where and the when. What such individuals manifest in this world may be impermanent, but it is also unforgettable. Enjoy–PM.