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July 1 2010


July 1, 2010. In this issue, we include interviews with Natasha Wheat about social practice and photographer Marion Gray about documenting significant moments of Performance Art.  Through these conversations, art can be understood as a negotiated social encounter in space and time.  And in the reviews, tenuousness, arbitration, and ambivalence are all givens in encounters with contemporary art.  But can things that are binding be teased out from temporary situations and subjective perspectives? Or what does it mean to rely on the imagined, the conspired, and the dreamed to find the truth? 

We are honored to present a portfolio of photographs by Marion Gray. Enjoy - PM


Artist as Archive

Artist as Archive

By Jarrett Earnest

I was introduced to a whole new way of operating and engaging with the world - ideas and materials. It was a real coming together of creative forces from all sides, whether it was someone drumming on a bronze sculpture, a performance gathering up in the hills with many participants or a showing of the experimental video, like Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s Mouth to Mouth (1975).

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